The original Keystone Savings Foundation was formed in 1986 with a focus of support to non-profits in the Bethlehem area, the footprint of the Keystone Savings Association. Over the past three decades, the original foundation grew in size and scope, however, its philosophy remained similar – with an emphasis on housing, health and human service needs. The Keystone Savings Foundation will continue its commitment as a community partner, serving the needs of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Keystone Savings

The Keystone Savings Foundation was established in 1986 and is one of the area’s largest foundations. We applaud and support the tremendous organizations that contribute to the quality of life in the local community. As a community partner, the Foundation is committed to serving the needs of our community and will support programs for, housing assistance, local education, not-for-profit medical facilities, not-for-profit community groups and similar types of organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley region.

Grant Categories For Non-Profit Organizations

Š       Education – Special programs for public and secondary schools, drop-out prevention programs, libraries, higher education, etc.

Š       Health and Human Services – Non-profit hospitals and medical centers, services and programs for youth, the disabled and elderly, and local affiliates of health and human service organizations.

Š       Culture and Arts – Public libraries, museums, cultural centers, visual and performing arts.

Š       Civic and Community Development – Leadership development, environmental protection and conservation.

Š       Economic Development - Revitalization of neighborhoods and affordable housing programs.

Application For Foundation Requests

A potential beneficiary of the Keystone Savings Foundation must be completely non-profit [501(c)(3)] under Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the Code).Click here for a copy of our application (Microsoft Word format) or Click here for a copy of our W-9.

Questions on the application must be answered in their entirety, in the order in which they appear on the Application. Applications will not be accepted via email. The Foundation’s recommendations are final. Grant requests $25,000 and higher will be reviewed once per year. The deadline for submission of these requests is August 15. If approved, these grants will be distributed by year end.

Grant requests less than $25,000 will be reviewed and distributed quarterly.

Contact the Foundation




Michele Linsky
Foundation Secretary

Applications cannot be accepted via email. Please mail to the address below:

Keystone Savings Foundation

Michele Linsky

Foundation Secretary

1425 Mountain Drive

Bethlehem, PA 18015




Foundation Officers


  • Jeffrey P. Feather
    Chairman of the Board
    President and Treasurer


  • Scott V. Fainor


  • R. Charles Stehly


  • Daniel G. Gambet
    OSFS, Director


  • Michele A. Linsky
    Foundation Secretary